Mestizo was a venture made in a partnership but soon a partner wanted to jump ship so the business was sold. It was a difficult but rewarding experience. Circa 2015


BYO Mexican-inspired coffee bar.
Serving authentic Mexican food, artisan coffee and fresh made beverages.
Wide range of coffees, fresh juices and house made mocktails.
Great atmosphere, funky tunes and big smiles.


Established in 2014.

Mestizo’ comes from the latin word mixtus (mixed) and that is pretty much who and what we are. Lots of good things in life come from mixing stuff together: cocktails are a great example! So are most world cuisines! But the beauty of mixing also goes beyond things: Ideas, people, cultures, beliefs and relationships are all mixtures of particular ingredients.

That is who we are, the right quantity of the right ingredients, just round the corner.

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