We look forward to hosting some amazing ceramic works from the amazing creative brain of Clairy Laurence.

“Since 2013, I have been expanding the characters from ‘The Other Place’ that I depict. Among others I began making Lil’ Creatures – flora and fauna from ‘The Other Place’, Familiars – the companion creatures for those that wander through it’s confusing paths, Temple Lions – that guard and protect and bring good luck, and Wayfarers – which have more references to my own personal journey and the symbolism surrounding my exploration of life, death, change and rebirth.

Every piece I create is individual and one-off, with different glazes, lustres, and personalities, and I sell some of them here on the site or at my annual Open Studio. My larger or more allegorical work has also been exhibited in Galleries throughout South East Queensland including Paper Boat Press, Graydon Gallery, Hisser Gallery, Artisan, Art Nuvo and Jugglers Art Space.

Clairy Laurence Ceramic Artist
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