It’s been a pleasure to have the crew from Companion Couch settle in and get comfy with their classic range of modular lounges that come with built in USB chargers. The business is in a rapid growth phase and units are out selling supplies showing these nice guys hard work and great value product has struck a chord with consumers. They are currently working on new components and colours to compliment the niche but perfectly designed range available directly from the fantastic website

Founders Andrew (middle), Joe (right)

Always innovating it was time to test a shop front space as a place for potential clients to come and enjoy the touch and feel of the product. It’s also a great space for the team to work from and meet with associates and customers alike.

Companion dogs Windsor from Cubby Space and Chief the Companion Couch mascot are forming a nice bond as the humans tick tasks off everyday on site and have a chance to bounce ideas around like a tennis ball before sending them into action at the dog park.

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