Cubby will be a place where small businesses and startups can have their own adaptable workspace for 1-4 people but share resources and overheads.

Having a professional street level Cubby space to work from plus good internet and great coffee will be is just the start for humans who work at one of 3 Cubbys and the 1 window front pop up space. Each Cubby will have its own counter, work desk and minimal storage. Informal meeting facilities will be available on site but also in a more formal setting at 107 Projects close by.

Having your own space to work from away from home is that next step to growing a small business from a break even idea to profit that can sustain a lifestyle in Sydney. Renting office space can be a barrier as it adds to overall ongoing business expenses that can be hard to justify for a partitioned plain space on the 15th level of a CBD office site that has no supporting network. Co working spaces are booming for just this reason as sharing facilities and networks is common and financial sense.

On site mentoring and consulting from Jeremy Thomas will be another plus as well as being surrounded by peers with their own projects will create a buzzing mini network within Cubby that has far reaching potential.

Connect with Jeremy today for a site visit and more information about one of our Cubbys or a window shopfront popup activation.  


Cubby Spaces

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