And what an ad-venture it’s been! Our social enterprise concept start up has grown to become an important cultural offering in the area and in the words of Tommy J “brought the community together, we love what you do”.

Photo of Bruce Shillingsworth and Jeremy Thomas
Bruce Shillingsworth or Mundagutta and Jeremy Thomas of Cubby Space

We’ve hosted contemporary artists from a range of disciplines; standouts were Nic Palmer and Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth a local indigenous elder.

We’ve hosted soup kitchens and antique furniture shops. We’ve hosted plant pop ups, virtual reality experiences, fashion boutiques, streetwear hipsters, social experiences and boutique Japanese retail and workshop experiences.

The global pandemic put a dampener on things but we stayed open throughput providing a valuable service to the area showing that with hope and hard work dreams come true!

“Brought the community together, we love what you do…”

Tommy J of Tommy Js Hair

Change is part of the model here at Cubby Space and we are always ready to pivot into a new venture. Cubby Creative was created to manage a range of projects and from the Cubby Space workplace we’ve built new dreams to reality with our own projects gaining momentum and we are always ready to help others with just a word of advice or a complete business plan to suit their idea. Whilst our tours and adventures have had to take a back seat, creating amazing websites for clients is still very much part of what we do.

So connect today about a quick pop up or a detailed business plan, a small idea or a big project and let’s work together to make dreams come true!

Jeremy Thomas of Cubby Space

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