2010 Productions Sale – SOLD

2010 Productions built up from a few cocktail shakers into a $150000 turn over a year business. Due to a change in circumstances the business including the physical and digital tools are now for sale. Start your own business now and be ready for the 2018 Events Season! 

Read on for more information then connect with Jeremy Thomas with further questions, to receive a copy of the buyers kit and to line up a site visit and meeting to discuss what direction you would like to go.

Events business sectors include: 

  • Mobile Bar / Mobile Cocktail Bar
  • Glassware and polycarbonate hire
  • Bar Hire
  • Mobile DJ including sound and lighting installations


Running an events business can be very rewarding. 2010 Productions main focus was mobile cocktail bars and all the things that go with it. Staff is an important part so if you can make cocktails and drinks for 4-6 hours and can book another bartender then add on a waiter you will be able to serve your guests, make some good money and have a great time doing it!

Training and Mentoring

Ready to run a business?

Are you a good cocktail bartender…what about in a mobile environment? Do you have friends that like to party…will they spend $500+ to have a mobile cocktail bar for their private event? Can you upscale the service for large corporate events or festivals? How’s your digital and admin skills…marketing through websites and social, quoting, invoicing, expenses. We have done the learning and can help you achieve success across the board which will lead to a profitable scalable business within 6 months – 1 year of trading.  

Marketing Mix

A great website is the hub of a marketing mix. Add social and email campaigns. Peer to peer marketing at social and business events…handing out business cards is still important. We have the systems in place to bring in the leeds and help the business get established and get growing.

Business admin – sales and expenses

Quoting, following up and then invoicing are key factors to making a business run smoothly. We can help you get started and start winning by guiding you through the process from small $500 events up to large $10000+ events. It’s up to you how big you want to grow but our advice is slow and steady. The 2018 events season of October to December will give you a great feel for how it all works and you will certainly make some money. Use January to consolidate and hit the ground running in February-May 2019 with a new concept or marketing tactic. Buy events season 2019 you will have it all worked out and new clients coming in all the time. You will have weeks that are booked out by December 2019.

We can guide you as little or as much as you like through this process. 

Transferring Ownership

Depending on what parts of the business you would like to purchase will depend on the time frame and method of transferral of ownership. Just a box of glasses? Add the tiki bar? Some cocktail equipment? That’s a great start to getting off the ground with your events business.

How will you bring in new leads? A website, social media, peer to peer networking, special events are all good ways to make a name for your business to increase leads and turn hot leads into jobs.




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