First weeks set up at Cubby circa August 2018.

First weeks set up at Cubby circa August 2018.

Jeremy Thomas is an entrepreneur with a diverse skill set, Cubby Space his latest project. He has launched many businesses and side hustles from small cafes like Mestizo Coffee Bar off Oxford street Sydney creating a BYO cocktail bar, to huge warehouses such as Cockatoo Creative in a Canterbury riverfront site. All running in conjunction with his very successful Events Business 2010 Productions, this human has an unparalleled drive matched with an understanding of what needs to be done when to initiate, build and run a business from concept to making money.

Cubby Space is a concept shop with a mixed use focus. The small window front showroom is partitioned off with movable shelves to provide an ever changing backdrop for pop ups plus give a sense of privacy to workspaces behind. Here users can focus on ticking off tasks, meet and brianstorm, have small events, and much more. Multi use spaces have always been a focus, this space is smaller than previous sites and still packed with facilities and charm!

Holland Studio St Peters

2010 Productions was spurned out of a box of records (vinyl…yes that long ago) that arrived in a share house where a set of turntables dominated the living room. Musically inclined Jeremy adapted to DJing, soon offers to play at house parties and clubs turned to paid gigs and a Mobile DJ business was born. Studying business hastened the wheels in motion and soon, as Jeremy built a website using HTML coding he added the first of many new concepts: the Mobile Cocktail Bar. The cocktail focus of this events business with complimentary services was a first in Sydney and this helped growth and to secure our first warehouse Holland Studio. Adapting to the underground music scene helped balance income streams and a slowly but surely approach was taken with a good focus on work life balance.

Growth was steady for 2010 Productions.

Mobile Cocktail classes for Team Building and Hens Parties came next. Purpose built flat fold tiki, gold and logo bars combined with a polycarbonate range helped build the hire department. Growth was steady for 2010 Productions.

Then came WestConnex with compulsory acquirement of the Holland Studio Site. After 7 years he was ready for bigger and better things with Cockatoo Creative but alas, just when it was thriving, it all came to an end.

Literally weathering floods with claims after industrial vacuuming 500m2 of ceiling caked in MDF dust, building of walls, partnerships and friendships the business sectors were suddenly in jeopardy. With 33 days at the end of a year lease the scrooge of a landlord and his mate the real estate reneged on the handshake agreement of a month to month tenancy with a view of staying on for 3-5 years. Cockatoo Creative was no more with 2010 Productions stashed in a large container whilst the next move was considered.

Down time included a full time role at 107 Projects and a stint at Rockpool Group whilst a new vision grew which saw physical and digital assets of the previous business sold in September 2018 with the tools and skills helping start a new one. With more to come…

A recent posting with Studio Neon as a speakeasy style cocktail bar manager for The Ravens Rest, part of A Midnight Visit, sees Jeremy continuing to flex his events bar skills as a freelance events and hospitality professional under the moniker Jerry Thomas @jerrythomascocktails.

Currently a casual sales executive with Vegware Australia he is building his next project Cubby Creative, a social enterprise with a focus on experiences, from the comfort of Cubby Space. Check out our rad Experiences!

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