The Yaama Ngunna Baaka (YNB) mob and Cubby Creative are working together for our first Inigi-Popup collaboration to be held at Cubby Space Redfern. This indigenous exhibition will run for two weeks from 11th – 24th November 2019 and will continue to raise awareness and funds for the YNB project. See for more info.

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The exhibition is a follow on from the much revered YNB Corroboree of October 2019 which saw a convoy of up to 50 vehicles including 2 bus loads of people from around Australia that gathered in 5 key locations for ceremony along the drought stricken areas of the Murray Darling river that have been decimated by the plundering of vital water resources from up river irrigation by mostly Chinese owned cotton farms at Cubbie station. 

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Shillingsworth family

Bruce Shillingsworth and members of his family will be exhibiting a range of artworks. New mixed media on canvas pieces will be available as well as high quality framed prints through our partners at Visual Lab who specialise in high end art prints for some of Australia’s renowned artists. Highly sought after Yaama Ngunna Baaka T-shirts will be available for sale and limited edition postcard packs. 

We also offer a warm welcome to Elvis Fields of the Kamilaroi people presenting traditional wood carving items such as clap sticks, boomerangs, coolamons and other indigenous artifacts. More info on this here. 

We welcome you at any time throughout the exhibition to come and talk to Jeremy about artwork sales and how you can support Bruce Shillingsworth and his team with their amazing cultural and environmental efforts.

Stay tuned for more YNB events…there is rumours of a Yamma Ngunna Baaka corroboree in 2020 and much more!

YNB Corroboree 2019 gallery

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