Loose Moose is an abstract-expressionist style acrylic painting by Nic Palmer. Nic has been experimenting using dance to bring a new vibrancy and energy to her abstract  paintings for the past couple years. Loose Moose was a breakthrough piece, where she felt like the technique was starting to create results.

Nic Palmer in front of Loose Moose
Nic Palmer

The energy imbued in this piece, seen and felt in the brush marks, along with the intense colour palette, reflects Nic’s ability to feel the rhythm and beat of music (and see colours associated with it) and translate that through her body onto canvas. She also uses a kinaesthetic (feeling) and intuitive approach to colour placement in her abstract work.

Loose Moose was made from a truly joyful and free-feeling place, she says, and the piece was made at an artist residency she did in Redfern, in 2019. The moose theme came from a “spirit animal” visualisation meditation that Nic did a few years ago where a brown moose came to her from behind a big tree. 

Loose Moose by Nic Palmer

This work was purchased by a guest attending the opening night of Nic Palmers exhibition “Home” at Cubby Space Redfern on Tuesday night 3rd December 2019.

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