Professional treasure hunter and local guy Matthew Demetriou aka Mr Yesteryear has always loved collecting interesting, vintage, cool old stuff. Pieces are cherry picked for their craftsmanship, style, charm and historic value. Connect on Instagram so you don’t miss out on treasures to suit your decor.  

Mr Yesteryears treasures are feature pieces that will compliment the interior design of your space and create intriguing talking points for your post coronavirus dinner parties. Function and form hold true in these designer mid century relics and antiques which will last for years and hold their value.

Fill your space with timeless treats from yesteryear and support a greener planet 🙂 

Mr. Yesteryear

Items shifting all the time so connect today if you are interested in any of the below pictured items. Or if you are searching for that perfect piece for your space talk to us today as we might just have what you are looking for in the bespoke warehouse collection.

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