We will be boarding passengers at Cubby Space pop-up in Redfern from February 24th to 29th. If you feel like temporarily escaping your reality, come on down, plug your mind in, and take a ride on the Redux Express.

About Redux Express

Redux Express is an immersive entertainment company that aims to provide customers with experiences that blur the lines of reality, and ensnare the senses. We want our customers to allow themselves to be taken into other worlds, and have adventures totally outside of their realm of normality.

Redux Express was founded by Stjepan Huljev after finishing a Bachelor of Design Computing at the University of Sydney. During his final year he completed coursework in virtual reality design, and started building his own virtual reality, and augmented reality applications. Not long after he discovered that his primary interest in VR was getting to share it with people, and witness them enjoy the almost whimsical nature of being immersed and taken into other worlds. 

Walk the plank! – A visual from inside the game…

Virtual Reality on some level still is a very do-it-yourself activity, and one which is solo in nature. Consumers are required to buy expensive computer hardware and headsets to experience VR, and are confined to their rooms playing alone. Redux Express wants to provide new, novel, and affordable immersive experiences for its customers in a space where people can hang out, watch others, and have a go themselves. 

With that, Stjepan completed the NEIS program which is a government incentive for new businesses. Redux Express was also part of a small start-up accelerator called ProtoX, aimed at Sydney University Alumni starting companies. ProtoX awarded Stjepan a grant to prototype his idea, and do initial user testing. 

Redux Express is offering up its first experience which is a psychological thriller. Customers will put on a headset, and step into an elevator. As the elevator begins its climb to the eightieth floor they will feel the vibrations of the motors pulling them up. As their anticipation builds, the doors will slowly open revealing a bustling city below. If they dare to look down they will find a plank at their feet which they will climb onto. The plank is made of old wood and could give way at any second. As they slowly shimmy across to the end of the plank, they hear creaks with each step. They feel the wind of being up that high buffeting against them, and their heart races. When they reach the end of the plank there is no going back. They will be asked to take a ‘leap of faith’ off the plank. Those daring enough will fall eighty storeys in a few seconds and feel a surge of adrenaline. 

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