As an uncurated workshop and pop up space anything can happen. When Creative Producer Dean Tuttle called up for a site visit and promptly confirmed a few weeks rehearsal leading up to the KAKTUS production of True West by Sam Shepard we were thrilled that our site would be transformed into a set for a renowned piece of theatre.

Making use of our ‘cubby’ space, which is just around the corner from their normal base the Actors Pulse Center located near by at 103 Regent St, Redfern, it was a perfect fit for the KAKTUS production crew to set up the props and get to work.

I’m not interested in borders so much as I like putting things together.  Sam Shepard

With Dean creating, producing and acting alongside Michael Kassulke and direction from Dimity Raftos the team gelled instantly to produce a fantastic version of this classic piece.

True West starts on Wednesday 29th May. Head to Limelight on Oxford for bookings.  

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