Artwork in store until 10th Oct 2019.

Mixed media on canvas

Kymeasha, Bruce’s daughter, is just 7 years old is being mentored by him. She is already developing a career in the arts and culture of Australia’s First Peoples

  • Digital high res image printed on canvas Simple wood frame
  • Image size 50 x 90 cm
  • Matt board: 7cm
  • Frame size: 107cm x 70cm
  • Original: 2m wide
  • Price: $700

Exhibited at Cubby Space Redfern for the Yaama Ngunna Baaka event 2-8 September 2019. 

Event and Artist Info

A fundraiser for the 2019 Corroboree project to Save the Rivers

Cubby Creative collaborated with amazing indigenous man Bruce Shillingsworth for an art gallery exhibition as a fundraising event for the save the rivers project. The week long exhibition gave visitors time to appreciate the Aboriginal Art and enter into discussion about the ethical cause to save the Murray Darling River general environmental issues. 

Star dreaming by Kymeasha Shillingsworth
Star dreaming by Kymeasha Shillingsworth

Save the Rivers Project: Yamma Ngunna Baaka (welcome to our river) 

The north-west river communities have been devastated by water stealing by big cotton farmers and irrigators. Successive  governments have failed to preserve the integrity of the rivers on which First Nations people depend for their life and livelihood. In October 2019, Bruce is bringing together communities along the river in a Corroboree to unite people to solve this unprecedented crisis.

Uncle Bruce Shillingsworth

Bruce Shillingsworth is a Muruwari and Budjiti man, a talented artist and water for the rivers activist. 

His country is the north-west NSW river lands that hug the Namoi, Barwon, Darling Rivers; Brewarrina, Bourke, Enngonia, Wilcannia and Walgett. 

Bruce’s family are painters, dancers and rainmakers.  Bruce is a cultural educator in Sydney and leads a cultural revival dance group in the north-west. 

His Art

“Many of my art works are related to the ancestral stories of my people and land, mainly depicting my Mother’s life stories that had been passed down through generations.  

Throughout my career, I have been concerned with articulating relationships to place, to people and to history, often at the same time. I make sure culture stays strong in my family line. 

My work is composed of contemporary and traditional symbols, patterns and colours and through the use of oil and acrylic, I paint pictures with my detailed knowledge  of the landscape and its embedded spiritual connections. 

These are paintings about my country. I have been painting for a long time now. When I paint my pictures, I think about how to make a good painting, a strong one. Sometimes, I’m just thinking from memory about all the country I’ve been to and the stories I have. My paintings are  spiritual and hold all the culture from my country”. 

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